• Jordan Valley Organic Farm
    A Complete Organic Life Style Destination
  • Farm
    Jordan Valley
    producing organic fruits & vegetables.
  • Producers of A2 Milk!

Organic Farm Fresh & Homemade!

Vegetables & Fruits

We cultivate a variety of leafy vegetables and fruits. Fruits include Mango, Jackfruit, Coconuts, Rambutan, Mangostin, Avacodo, Pineapple and Grapes.

Dairy Products

We produce pure ghee, A2 Milk and curd from the cattles we rear in our farm.


Our bird wealth includes chicken, quails and turkeys. We rear them for meat and egg. These organic eggs are available via our organic outlet.

Our story

We are a Organic farm producing organic fruits and vegetables. Our farm is planned in such a way that natural fertilizers can be used to grow produces.

We have cattles of different indian breeds. From them we are able to provide the society pure A2 milk, ghee and curd. Our customers are satisfied by the egg from our poultry. They are also fed with organic grains. We have our own organic outlet where our products are sold.

We also support similar farmers by buying their produces at a fare price and resell them at our organic shop. Lets revert to nature for a healthy leaving.


We cultivates pepper in our farm and sell them through our outlet.

Fresh Water Fishes

Our farm is well equipped to provide fresh water fishes. Wastage of this system is used for aquaponics farming.

Provides Farm Visit

We welcome you to visit our farm to introduce it to the younger generations for whom this would be a fresh experience.

Our Field of Interest

We are aiming at bringing farming back to every household. Introduce it to the younger generation so that what our great grandfathers were doing can be passed on to our next generation who seldom knows how and from where do food on our plates come and are they real or junk food.

Our gallery

Enjoy the view of our farm and our farming methods through this gallery. You get a glimpse of our produces as well.


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